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Grants for educational projects

    Course Transformation Awards

    • ​Yearly awards for faculty interested in improving teaching and learning in a natural science lecture or laboratory undergraduate course by adopting innovative instructional strategies.

    ​Mentor-Mentee Awards

    • ​Awards for faculty to mentor a graduate student or post-doc in transforming at least a two week segment of a natural science course.

    Support for establishing faculty learning communities

    • ​Award to a group of faculty in a department to set up regular lunch meetings and discuss teaching related issues
    • Provide funds for necessary supplies (e.g., books) and food.

    ​Travel grants

    • Awards of up to $1,000 for faculty members interested in traveling to another university or to an education conference to take a workshop focused on an innovative instructional strategy. 

    Professional development for faculty and TAs

    • dB-SERC conducts workshops for both veteran and new faculty and teaching assistants with a mission to help a wider audience of faculty and graduate students learn about effective approaches to teaching.

    Discussions and Consultations on Teaching and Learning

    Regular lunch meetings with faculty interested in teaching and learning

    • At these seminar style gatherings, issues related to teaching and learning are discussed
    • ​More information about the papers discussed, discussion leaders, and short summaries of the discussions is available here.

    ​​Consultation in assessment of teaching and learning

    • e.g., consultation on how to assess student learning in a course (conceptual, attitudinal, etc.), or including an assessment component of a proposal with a significant educational component.​ Email to set up a consultation.

    ​Interdisciplinary education

    • Strives to bring together faculty from different departments who are interested in creating new courses or transforming existing courses to emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of current science research.
    • If you have an idea for such a course and would like to be connected to faculty members from a different department, send an email to

    Support with grant proposals

    • Support to faculty who are interested in writing grant proposals which include a significant educational component.
    • If you are working on such a proposal and would like consultation on, for example, the assessment component, contact the dB-SERC Post-Doctoral Teacher Scholar and Assessment Consultant, Emily Marshman at

    Effective use of technology

    Connecting Pitt faculty with K-12 educators and students

    • dB-SERC can help connect faculty members at Pitt who are interested in K-12 education with teachers. For example, faculty members may be interested in:
      • ​Working with students
      • Giving talks about science research being done at Pitt
      • Working with K-12 educators to develop teaching modules
      • Engage in outreach